Products, gifts, and more from your favorite Shark Tank entrepreneurs!


Lollacup is a stylish and smart alternative to the traditional sippy cup. It's valve-free, weighted straw allows infants as young as 9-months-old to easily and effectively drink from a straw, even if the cup is tilted. Lollacup is BPA and phthalate-free and proudly made in the USA.

Ava the Elephant

AVA the Elephant is a child-friendly medical product brand! AVA the Elephant Talking children's medicine dispenser takes the fear and anxiety out of medicine time and AVA the Elephant Thermometer Stickers allow parents to monitor their child's temperature for up to 24 Hours, the fun way!

Plug Hub

Keep your cords clean and concealed with Plug Hub, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit.

I Want To Draw a Cat For You!

Custom stick figure cats drawn for any occasion! Whoopy! I'll draw you a cat that's short and fat, I'll draw you a cat with a pork pie hat! I'll draw you a cat, whatever the vibe. I draw the cat that YOU describe! I want to draw a cat for you, I WANT TO DRAW A CAT FOR YOU!

Nardo's Natural

Nardo's Natural organic skin care products are loaded with nutrients, are hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types. We make it our mission to be completely free of parabens, animal by-products, harsh preservatives and dyes.

Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts is a multiple award winning eco friendly laundry detergent and cleaning products company - all made with organic sustainable dried fruit shells that grow on a tree - packaged plastic-free!


At its core, the Fleece 7.0 features a revolutionary new patent pending pocket, the Quick Draw pocket, inspired by and co-invented with London based blogger, Documentally. This pocket allows you to access your Smartphone through the Clear Touch Fabric in the hand warmer (side) pocket, so you don't even need to take your hand out of your pocket to use your phone. We believe this will fundamentally change the way you interact with your mobile devices.


THROX are Three Socks For The Price Of Two. A Pair Plus A Spare. The Cure for the Missing Sock.


Qubits is an educational construction toy that can build various geometric shapes. Large flexible pieces help little hands Build-Big-Fast! The modular designed pieces can relate to nature, math, structures and architecture.

The Chef in Black

These products are the perfect blend of all natural spices and seasonings. We have a universal Asian Fusion spice blend that will help the home cook create unique and delicious dishes in minutes and on a budget. The ready to poor Traditional and Fat Free Chinese dressings are like a fine wine! The flavors leave a pleasant lingering taste that people scream delicious! They are gluten free too!!

The Vinamor

The Vinamor wine aerator is a must have for anyone who enjoys wine. As you pour wine through the filter and over the ball it exposes all the wine to air, and allows it to breathe at a much faster rate than traditional decanting. At $24.95 the Vinamor is a perfect gift the the person who has everything! It is also the only Hands free and Dishwasher safe wine aerator on the market.

Last Lid

The Last Lid™ is the flexible replacement garbage can lid guaranteed to be the LAST garbage can lid you'll ever need. Last Lids™ remain flexible so they always fit just right and guarantee you animal proof, weatherproof protection for life.

Back 9 Dips

Back 9 Dips Featured Oct 5 2012, "A Chicken Wing on a Chip" our dips our everything you would get in a chicken wing in a dip. We have 3 delicious flavors. The Original Buffalo, The Southern Sweet Heat which is our BBQ version and the New Buffalo Blue Cheese!


FuzziBunz Diapers - THE Modern Cloth Diaper! Save your money, save the earth and save your baby's bottom from diaper rash for good!

The ShowNo Towel

ShowNo is the ultimate kids 4 in 1 towel! It's a bath towel, it's a beach towel, it's a cover up and it's a changing towel all in one!

The Spatty

Are you tired of throwing away your expensive cosmetic products, condiments, etc. when they are no longer easy to get out, well now there is a way with the Spatty and Spatty Daddy. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are specifically designed to go into containers with small openings and give you every last drop of your product. The Spatty and Spatty Daddy are inexpensive, money saving, green, versatile tools that are a must have in every home.

Marz Sprays

There are over 100,000,000 people that have difficulty swallowing pills, are you one of them? Marz Sprays provides a full line of Oral Sprays, that are ready to be absorbed. Our products include; CSpray, our multi-vitamin and immunity blend, ReBoot, our energy spray, Slim Spray, designed to help reduce food cravings, Kids Spray, vitamins for kids; and Sleep Spray, designed to help you rest peacefully.

Stress Free Kids

Stories designed to help children decrease stress, anxiety, and anger while increasing self-esteem. Books, CDs, Apps, and Curriculums introduce research-based, relaxation and stress management techniques in a storytelling format. CDs for teens and adults too!

Fat Ass Fudge

The name, Fat Ass Fudge, will make you smile. You can taste the delectable pleasure and pure ingredients in every bite. Our heavenly, handmade fudge is rich, delicious, and completely natural. It is made with organic goat's milk; gluten and lactose free.The rich creamy texture of this fudge will leave you saying "Oh my God, this is so good!

Wired Waffles

We have basically put an energy shot into a Waffle! Our Gourmet Liege Style waffles are fun, functional and delicious. Wired Waffles need no syrup, can be eaten on the go and come in 4 awesome flavors.

The Smart Baker

Bake on Autopilot with our Cheat Sheet Aprons. Our upside measurement conversion apron allows you to easily convert common baking measurements. With free personalization it makes the perfect gift for you are the special baker in your life.


ReKixx cool sneakers 100% recyclable as the world's first and only completely Landfill-Free Sneakers is a brand, that not only represents design and fashion, but also awareness and sustainability. ReKixx are to be worn proudly as a means to share your eco-enthusiasm and instill the importance to support products, companies, and individual behaviors that promote and demonstrate good recycling and a green lifestyle. ReKixx are Sneakers with a Purpose.


Unique. SENDaBALL is just like a greeting card, but it isn't a "card" it is a FULLY-INFLATED 10 inch bouncy ball (like the ones you see in the bins at the store). It comes with a PUN-tastic message and the stamps and the address are RIGHT ON THE BALL. No box, no packaging. Really. So fun to get, and even more fun to GIVE. Wonderful gift. A greeting and a gift in ONE.

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